Welcome to the West Virginia Board of Social Work!

"The purpose of the Board is to protect the public by setting standards of qualification, education, training and experience for those who seek licensure and to promote high standards of professional and ethical performance for those engaged in the profession of social work."

- our Mission Statement


News & Announcements 

  • Board Meetings: The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for April 11 beginning at 11:00 am.   Board meetings for 2024: June 13, August 15, October 17 and December 19.
  • Applications and renewals are reviewed and processed within 15 business days following receipt.  Please do not email or call the Board office to request verfication of receipt or a "status update" before that time, as these calls tend to strain staff resources and delay processing times. Regular license renewals and new licenses will be verifiable on our web page once completed (go to License Verfication and type in your last name or license number)
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON RENEWING YOUR LICENSE:  Individuals paying by debit card and using CE Broker must still return the renewal form to the Board; otherwise, staff do not know to process your renewal.  
  • Legislative rules have been promulgated which affect Telehealth  and Continuing Education (copy of rules are in Series 1 and 3 on our web page under Laws and Rules).  Telehealth rules and Continuing Education Rules went into effect on July 1 2022 (changes may be referenced at this link https://wvsocialworkboard.org/CE-Info/For-Social-Workers/Requirements)
  • Provisional Licensing Supervisors:  Your Annual Meeting and Progress Reports are due in January for all licensees that you supervised in calendar year 2022
  • Provisional licensees:  Your Annual Compliance forms are due in July