ASWB Social Work Examination

Procedural Information:

WV must pre-approve all candidates for examination before registration can be completed with the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

The Board will automatically send pre-approval and the ASWB “Candidate Handbook” to all persons that are issued a “Social Work Permit.”

Temporary licensees may contact the Board for registration pre-approval at any time after the license has been issued provided that the candidate is in full compliance with all temporary license regulations as set forth within the regulation manual. If the licensee has not requested this information by the time they renew the license, the Board will automatically pre-approve the candidate and provide him/her with the ASWB “Candidate Handbook” and information.

The Board will send every examination candidate a brief outline of the exam process in addition to the ASWB Candidate Handbook. Every exam candidate is expected to thoroughly review all ASWB instructions and procedures within the Handbook prior to registration.


ASWB Examination Levels Effective April 2004:

A. Bachelors Level:

For all Council On Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited BSW permit holders and temporary license candidates.


B. Masters Level:

For all CSWE accredited MSW graduates prior to completing any post-master’s experience and/or supervision.


C. Advanced Generalist:

For candidate with CSWE accredited MSW and two years post master’s general social work practice experience (supervision not required).


D. Clinical Level:

Must be a CSWE accredited MSW or DSW from a University that has a CSWE accredited social work program; shall demonstrate evidence of satisfaction of at least two years post master’s direct clinical practice experience while under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker. Contact the Director for specific information on the Clinical level license and examination.