Level D - LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work) License


An eligible applicant must hold a master's degree in social work from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited social work program, and/or a Ph.D. or DSW degree in social work from a university that is accredited by the CSWE. The applicant must have completed a supervised clinical field placement at the graduate level, or post-master's clinical training that is found by the board to be equivalent. The applicant must have completed a graduate course in either psychopathology or abnormal psychology or other course found equivalent by the Board. This course requirement may be a part of or in addition to courses completed in the MSW program.

Clinical Supervision/Experience:

The applicant must verify a minimum of two years of full-time employment and/or 3,000 hours of practice in full or part time employment. An applicant should have at least 100 hours of face to face supervision; minimally one should receive one hour of supervision for each thirty (30) hours of supervised practice. At least 50% of supervision must be an individual setting and not in a group format. Face to face supervision via HIPPA compliant electronic media is acceptable.with the clinical supervisor.


Examination Requirement:

The applicant must have taken and passed the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Clinical level examination. A completed LICSW application and appropriate fee must be submitted for review. If the applicant is or has ever been licensed in another state, verification of license standing is required from the applicable state Social Work Board(s).

§30-30-9. Scope of practice for a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.

 A clinical social worker may:

  1. Perform all duties within the scope of practice of a licensed certified social worker, licensed graduate social worker, and licensed social worker.
  2. Apply social work theory, methods, assessment, ethics and the professional use of self to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychological dysfunction, disability or impairment, including emotional and mental disorders and developmental disabilities.
  3. Clinical social work practice is based on knowledge of one or more theories of biological, psychological and social development, normal human behavior, psychopathology, the causes and effects of physical illness and disability, unconscious motivation, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, environmental stress, social systems and cultural diversity with particular attention to the person existing as a combination of biological, psychological and social elements in his or her environment.
  4. Clinical social work includes interventions directed to interpersonal interactions, intrapsychic dynamics and life-support and management issues.
  5. Clinical social work services consist of assessment, diagnosis, treatment, including psychotherapy and counseling, client-centered advocacy, consultation and evaluation. The process of clinical social work is undertaken within the objectives of the social work profession and the principles and values of its code of ethics.

To apply for a Level D - LICSW License:

Follow the instructions on our Applications page.