Board Meeting Schedule

The Board generally meets every two to three months.  Meetings are open to the public.   The time, date and location of each meeting is reported to the Secretary of State in advance. 

Certain portions of the meetings often include an executive session. Executive portions of the meetings are not open to the general public.

Downloadable Board Minutes
October Agenda10.17.2019Board Meeting Agendas268.25 KBDownload
June Agenda6.21.2019Board Meeting Agendas267.11 KBDownload
January 2020 Agenda1/16/2020Board Meeting Agendas261.98 KBDownload
January 2019 Agenda1.18.2019Board Meeting Agendas192.06 KBDownload
February Agenda2.15.2019Board Meeting Agendas259.31 KBDownload
December Agenda12.19.2019 Board Meeting Agendas276.75 KBDownload
August Agenda8.29.2019Board Meeting Agendas276.75 KBDownload
April Agenda4.18.2918Board Meeting Agendas153.36 KBDownload
October Minutes10.17.2019Board Minutes151.68 KBDownload
June Minutes6.21.2019Board Minutes142.54 KBDownload
January Minutes1.18.2019Board Minutes198.65 KBDownload
February Minutes2.15.2019Board Minutes126.85 KBDownload
December Minutes12/19/2019Board Minutes152.71 KBDownload
August Minutes8.29.2019Board Minutes153.81 KBDownload
April Minutes4.18.2019Board Minutes153.36 KBDownload